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Your imagination, our lighting solutions.

Genpro Advanced Technologies is a US-based manufacturer of industrial, high output illumination devices. Our company is dedicated to the principal of efficient and cost-effective energy use through innovative LED technology. We are vertically integrated with in-house engineering, design, testing, sheet metal, manufacturing, and assembly operations. We set ourselves apart in the industry with a comprehensive offering of modular retrofit engines. These are available in economical, high performance, and optical packages which are available in different lumen packages, shapes, wattages and color temperatures.

We also offer a broad portfolio of hazardous and food safe fixtures. All these specialty products are complimented with a line of standard commercial fixtures such a wall packs, highbays, low bays, area lights, and canopies, among others.

All of our products are independently tested and fully certified. Genpro Advanced Technologies LED products have passed the most demanding test of all – customer satisfaction. We are driving the LED lighting industry forward, defining trends with passionate devotion to integrity, quality, and design.

Our lighting solutions will change the industry and deliver immediate benefits to our customers.


Choose your retrofit

Whether it be an economical, high performance, or optic solution, you are able to chose the right standard or custom solution for your application



Our lights are internally and independently tested and certified



Our engineering capabilities and expertise allows us to design and manufacture a custom LED lighting fixture for you. You define the lighting parameters required for your application and we will provide the perfect solution.

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