GenPro Advanced Technologies has created a series of full RGB, RGBW and RGBWW for a multitude of applications. These theatrical quality lights can be used for both general illumination and mood lighting for convention areas, sports arenas, multi purpose areas.

The Full Spectrum Light was designed to allow convention centers, sports arenas, and other large area facilities to take advantage of LED technology for general illumination purposes and create defined moods through the use of RGB technology.

Full Spectrum Light

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Tunable white: 2700- 5600K

Color: Full RGB


Most convention areas today simply use white light for general illumination. The full spectrum light has tunable white capability that allows for a change in color temperature from 2700 K to 5600K. This allows for  the same space to be used for exposition and or general use and to also be used for dinner events.

The RGB capability in this light allows for mood lighting, selective area lighting and general theatrical lighting. This light comes with DMX built in controls. It can be controlled via wire or wirelessly.

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