UVC Sterilization Wireless Charger


  1. Clinically proven to eliminate 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, yeast, algae, amoebas, and other germs and allergens within seconds of 253.7 nm UVC exposure.
  2. Safety mechanism temporarily deactivates the device if the lid is opened during use.
  3. The top of the unit acts as a wireless fast charger. Can be used while disinfecting below.
  4. Ozone is produced to permeate into cracks and crevices for more effective sterilization.
  5. Contact-free disinfection reduces the chance of human error and cross-contamination.
  6. Reduces the need to buy and handle corrosive cleaners. (Does not replace soap/water)

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Plug the device into a USB port and place it on a dry table. Once the red light is on, the wireless charge function is active. If you choose to, add aromatherapy oil before your object.

Safety Switch: If the lid is opened at any point during the disinfection process the device will temporarily deactivate, and then once the lid is closed again it will continue the previous mode.

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